Sheikh Hasina Is Very Hard To Prevent Conflicts

World Desk : A strong message today is to prevent conflicts of the Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Awami League Central Working Committee meeting on Saturday evening, Prime said.

Supreme Court Bar Association, and the recent elections held on Thursday at the local government elections, the Awami League did not get the desired results. According to the president of the party in search of their own team, but the popularity of the opposition party, the Awami League defeat of the internal kondalai. Field report to the President of the Awami League party quarrel, ‘awful’ came up with the figure. This figure is alarming election just nine months ago. For this reason, the group’s president, Sheikh Hasina, has adopted a policy of zero tolerance of political conflicts, he said.

Today at a meeting of the party’s central executive committee, in this regard, he will clear direction. The perpetrators will be asked to identify the different parts of the political conflicts of the Awami League.

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