Qatar-Israeli War Of Broadcasting The World Cup !

World Desk : Middle East, the situation is still not normal. Compared to other regions of the world have a lot of time of political polarization. The Palestinian issue is the most instability. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates by some Arab countries to Israel. Some of the Arab state of Qatar is one of them who could not accept Israel. However, the effect of the war was almost over another have been built in Qatar-Israel.

Although surprised, the issue is completely different, the World Cup in Russia. Surprised? Very likely to surprise normal. None of these two countries in the bisbakapae not playing. If you?

Let’s say a little off. Qatar-based TV channel in non-sports broadcast directly to the World Cup in the Middle East, Russia bought sbampracara rights. So long as they are declared in the Bay-Sports, the only broadcast heritage institutions in the Middle East. And for this reason that the World Cup will have to pay $ 45 for each TV sabaskraibharake.

But it’s nothing that Israel can not accept. It is like the light of day pariskara the Middle East, Israel is determined to prove his strength. And somehow, and did not at any cost.

So all of a sudden in the Bay-down of the business plans dhsa Makan Israeli TV channels. They were bought for $ 56 million in the Middle East for the World Cup broadcast rights to broadcast the World Cup. The most interesting thing, without having to spend such a large amount of money in sports like Makan Bay has announced that they will not accept any money from subscribers. Find the complete free-will watch the World Cup on TV Makan!

Israel, the West Bank, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, completely free for fans to watch the matches of the World Cup, is an Israeli TV channel. Straight Bengal said, Qatar’s non-exclusive in the sports business, perfectly poured water Makan Israel.

Israel has announced that the Arab region will be completely free, and they watch the World Cup action. The commentary will be broadcast in Arabic, will be with the Hebrew commentary. More Interestingly, opened a Facebook page in Arabic, Israel announced that a post!

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