North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un’s Visit To China A Surprise!

World Desk : North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been a surprise trip to China. Some media reported the South China Morning postasaha on such information. However, since 011 out of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un’s first tour.

South China Morning Post reports about Kim’s visit to the three persons. However, during the visit, Kim will meet with leaders of China, which did not know anything about it.

Meanwhile, Japanese media kayado News of the claims, a train from North Korea arrived in China amid tight security. Kim Jong-un was in the train. When the safety of the train fleet is believed that Kim Jong-un was.

On the other hand, according to NTV Japan, North Korea, China has a train. Tight security is estimated at the train, the train is a special person. First, there is the suspicion of namatabe Kim, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry did not know anything about it, he said.

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