This Is A Trip That Will Add To The Heavenly Taste Of 3 Restaurants In Bali

World Desk : Friday, went to Indonesia? Suitable for various entertainment organized trips to a place is full of sand. Traveling, it will be exciting to all the activities, I want to eat. There are some restaurants where the food will be in the sand if you think magic is in no state to understand. So once you get the taste of food here-
Sand sarbodaksine’s position. They are sitting on top of a wide range of dishes in India mahasagarera Here you will taste. Romantic couple or a family, with friends, watching the sunset and enjoy the weird and the wonderful food. Arabian, French, Japanese food of all kinds here. When the roar of the sea, you will add a different dimension.
Food prices are starting at $ 30-50. Restaurant is open from 6pm until around 10 pm. Bar is open from 4 pm until midnight.
Essly sand. Picture collected
Sand Essly
Stained green in the shadow of Mount Agung in the lap position of the restaurant. With all of the secret nature of the relationship. It is an environment-friendly restaurants, the sand, the locals get a taste of this resturentai most reliable percent. Green mountains, beautiful volcanic beauty and excellent cuisine chef William phenelopa Overall, the experience of a lifetime to remember.
The lowest price for a meal is $ 0. It is open from 10am to 6pm.
Kyamapam Cafe. Picture collected
Kyamapam Cafe
Ubudera café position in this mountainous area. Ubuda tropical forests, lush green trees, there nistabdata. As well as the man-made nature of the fields and gardens are neat and orderly. Japanese, Indonesian, myaksikana and held a variety of European dishes here. Here you can spend valuable time traveling to the nature of the intercourse.
Kyamapam at affordable meal. List of food prices started one and a half dollars. Is open from 8am until 9pm.

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