Russia Dazzling Six World Cup Stadiums

World Desk : Football ‘Greatest Show on Earth “1 st edition of the FIFA World Cup, the wave doorstep. On 14 June 2018, from 3 to July 15, the fourth day of football in Russia. Russia will host World Cup matches at the stadium spectacular 1. Let us know about these dazzling stadiums. The remaining six are described Stadium.

Rostabha ayarina

rostabha ayarina rostabha-on-Don is located in the amount of ground. The city plans to build a stadium for football club FC rostabha is changed on the occasion of the 2018 World Cup. In 01 of the final design and construction began in 013. The capacity of the new stadium for 45 thousand.

Mordobhiya ayarina
The stadium is due to something out of the game are discussed. It is proposed to construct 010. The lack of funding after the start of construction of the 011 jobs at the close of the document. In 014 starts working again. The stadium is also known as ayarina mordobhiya saranaska Stadium.

Another interesting data for the tournament after the World Cup, the top row of seats, but 45 of the 17 seats of the retention of the power will be turned away each 8. Visitors to the site will be open to the mobility of the seats removed. Another reason for the small town of saranaskara seats do not need so much.

Stadium Kaliningrad

Russian city of Kaliningrad pregoliya river island oktiyabrisaki position in this stadium. Ayarina field known as baltika. The proposed construction of stadiums for the World Cup 2018 started in the late, in 015. Since the economic crisis started late and some changes to the design capacity of 45 thousand to 35 thousand seat beside you. After the end of the World Cup, the stadium will be used as the local FC baltikara its own stadium.

Spartak Stadium

This is the second stadium in the capital, Moscow will host the World Cup. Spartak Stadium okatirita stadium is called locally. Moscow football club Spartak Moscow in their own stadium. The construction of the stadium for the club in 010 starts. Although it is early to speak of the 35,000-seat capacity was increased by changing the design of the World Cup. Game 4 of the visitors now can see.

Kazan ayarina

Arena is a stadium located in Kazan, Russia kajane. It is full of 013 in July. Rubin Kazan Russian Premier League home games are held at the stadium of the outer screen is the largest in Europe. Ground with a capacity of 45 thousand. Construction of the stadium cost 450 million dollars.

Nijhani nabhagoroda

This is a completely new stadium. The stadium has been constructed in the 2018 World Cup in mind. Nearly 45 thousand visitors will be able to watch the game together. It will be used later club FC alyempiyeta. The stadium design was inspired by the nature of the Volga region. The semi-transparent to the ground with a special drain, which can be illuminated at night.

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