The Sundarbans World Heritage

World Desk : water crocodile tiger land. The most common interpretation of the words in Bengali karaya-gandaya can be realized where the name of the Sundarbans. Thousands of surprise and saundharyera in the Sundarbans.

The total area of 10 thousand square kilometers of forest. 6 of 17 kilometers, about the size of parts of Bangladesh. About 70 percent of land and 30 percent water. Khulna, Bagerhat and Satkhira district of Bangladesh, the Sundarbans.
Sundarbans mangrove forest in the world’s single largest offshore natural. The forest stretches across Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. In 1997, was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sundarbans mangrove class of evergreen trees. The beautiful tree in the forest. It is believed that this tree has been named as the Sundarbans. In addition to a beautiful mangrove, gewa goal pata, animals, caraway, dhundala, Bain, kamkarasaha 334 different species of forest vegetation. There are 50 species of mangrove plants in the world, 35 species are found in the Sundarbans.
Sundarbans is the wildlife of the Bengal tiger, deer, monkeys, pigs, crocodiles, dolphins, guisapa, King kobarasaha also a few species of snakes, turtles, jungle fowl-chickens, bhodara, bats, squirrels, duck bird, common tern, heron, madanataka, cakha, eagles, kites, vultures and different types of kingfisher.

The main rivers flowing through the forest animals, Shibsha, Baleshwar, Raymangal. In addition to the network of hundreds of canals and rivers in the forest are scattered throughout the forest. The Sundarbans is the original form, and the mystery of the bhamtaya tide. That’s why I changed the tide of the tide after the appearance of the Sundarbans.

Most of the forest adjacent to the lives and livelihoods of people around the Sundarbans. The forest wood, honey, goal pata, fish, crab, shrimp, shrimp fries and various resources of the thousands of woodcutters, fishermen and the lives and livelihoods depend mauyali.

The forest looks beautiful moonlight night, and the new moon. Moonlight moonlight night when trees fell on the turn, the incomparable beauty of trees in the forest by the light of the light. Firefly light on the spread of the tree of the forest on the night of the new moon, a beautiful view of the unimaginable.

As beautiful as dangerous in the Sundarbans. When visiting the forest river to swim in the river if you are not getting back here. And always remember that “in the Sundarbans, the destruction of the forest will be ours. No trees or broken branches from the forest can not, disturb or damage the forest bird is an animal that can not be done.

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